Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There are some factors that go into the cost of the printing including location, accessibility, image background, image size, and preparation but most projects are between $15-25/sqft.

How many colors does the printer use?

Five colors (CMYKW) for the UV models – the only printer that can print white letters.

What kind of ink does the printer use?

Our printer uses a unique and proprietary type of ink that’s both eco-friendly and incredibly tough. It resists scratching and fading due to sun exposure over time. Because the highly pigmented ink also cures almost immediately, the printer can move very quickly, printing around 40 square feet every hour.

Do you need a flat surface for the wall printer to move along the wall?

We offer the world leading Ultrasonic sensor for wall preview, up to 4.3 inches (11cm) print head justification for wall irregularities. No need for very flat walls, our wall printers print high quality wall murals or wall printed pictures on uneven surfaces.

How long does it take to set the printer up on site?

It takes about 30 minutes to assemble our wall printer.

What type of files can it print?

Support JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF,PNG, PSD etc.

How durable is the ink for interior and exterior?

An interior print can be kept for 15 years without fading and the outdoor can be kept for 5 years without fading.

What is the print height?

We have extensions for the printer to print up to 12 feet from the ground. If it needs to print higher, we can use scaffolding to increase to any height.

What materials can it print on?

Putty wall, latex paint wall, brick wall, diatom mud wall, shell powder, paper, wood, glass, tile, metal, etc.

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